Rybička zlatá - Golden fish

This app is serving for one purpose only: fulfill wishes, which your friends really have and not those, which You think they have.

Every user have list of connections (e-mails) to his/her friends. He/She chooses donors and donees from them.
Every user can have unlimited number of wishes.
Every wish has one (personal wish) or more (shared wish) donees and any number (above 0 ideally) potential donors.
Every user can see only his/her personal wishes, shared wishes, where he/she is in donees and wishes of other users, which have him/her as a potential donor. You can have a very private wish for few selected donors along with a public wish with many donors.
If potential donors make decision to fulfill the wish, he/she can reserve it, or call for more co-donors. If wish is fullfilled, he/she marked it as fulfilled.
Donee can not see the current state of wish, so any time, wish can be changed, deleted or marked as fulfilled.

Every sentence should start with 'Every'!

Here will be a video tutorial.